Get Rid of Rodents Without Spending Too Much Cheese

Get Rid of Rodents Without Spending Too Much Cheese

Rely on us for skilled rodent control in Harker Heights & Temple, TX

Most rodents seek warm and safe places to nest. It's no surprise that your home or business looks like the perfect target. If you think you're dealing with a rodent issue, contact the expert at Spartan Pest Solutions for rodent control services in Harker Heights & Temple, TX.

Our veteran-owned company knows how to deal with even the most advanced rodent invasions.

Call us today to discuss our affordable rates on rodent control services. We deal with mice, rats, other rodents and nuisance pest.

What are the serious dangers of rodent infestations?

While one tiny mouse can seem like a simple nuisance or even a cute pet, hundreds of rodents in your home can pose a serious problem. Speak to your local mice exterminator right away to avoid:

  • Urine and feces in your home
  • Chewed wires, insulation and carpentry
  • Diseases like bubonic plague, hantavirus and salmonellosis

Keep yourself and your family safe with our effective rodent control services. All of our treatments are environmentally friendly and affordable.