Wake Up From Your Bed Bug Nightmare

Wake Up From Your Bed Bug Nightmare

Reach out to us for bed bug control services in Harker Heights & Temple, TX

Bed bugs are notorious for invading our space while we sleep. They emerge from bedding at night and feed on blood, returning to safety by morning. If you believe you're dealing with an invasion, it's important to get bed bug treatment as soon as possible. Rely on the pro at Spartan Pest Solutions for bed bug control in Harker Heights & Temple, TX.

Using a powerful but safe chemical treatment, we'll eliminate the bed bugs where they live and breed. Call us today to learn more about our process for bed bug control.

How can you identify a bed bug invasion?

Bed bugs can be very difficult to spot. You may never see the critters themselves, but they can still leave telltale clues behind. Schedule bed bug treatment right away if you notice:

  • Red, itchy welts on your skin
  • Molted bed bug shells on your bedding and floor
  • Small bloodstains on your sheets

Store-bought remedies rarely eliminate bed bugs altogether. Your highly trained specialist will inspect your home, implement a solution and monitor the activity to give you complete peace of mind.