Need Flea and Tick Control in Harker Heights or Temple, TX?

Need Flea and Tick Control in Harker Heights or Temple, TX?

Contact Spartan Pest Solutions to deal with your flea infestation

Fleas and ticks are amazing jumpers, capable of leaping from great distances to latch onto you or your pets. Once a few hitch a ride on your dog or cat, a full-fledged flea infestation is likely. Spartan Pest Solutions offers professional flea and tick control throughout the Harker Heights & Temple, TX area. We'll help you get the jump on these pesky pests.

Fleas and ticks can cause your pets a lot of discomfort and may even spread disease inside your home. To stop a flea infestation in its tracks, reach out to us for prompt and professional assistance.

Take back your yard

Is your yard completely infested with ticks and fleas? They're more than just a nuisance. Ticks and fleas are known to carry extremely dangerous diseases and parasites like:


  • Lyme disease
  • Tapeworms
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever




Texas is also known to have ticks whose bites can lead to a lifetime allergic reaction to red meat. If that doesn't scare you, nothing will. Contact us right away for flea and ticket control services you can trust.